We all know what it’s like to be human, but often we forget that those around us are human too. We’re all influenced in different ways, hold different values, beliefs and emotional attachments that dictate how we think and make decisions. We observe the understating’s we hold on to and are biased to rationalise from our emotional agreements. 

Even our self made definitions still come out of a past caused agreement. Sadly about 80% of our thoughts will be negative. We’ll naturally perceive circumstances as they’re believed to be, often drawing some form of survival conclusion. A form of protection often centred around resource or status protection, assuming what’s meant and reacting to “what is”. 

We see all the possible threats, reflect on their significance and then validate our feelings about the subject. Never validating the need to set ourselves in vulnerable positions that can lead us to the changes we desire. Humanity is walking around with the awareness of “why not” instead of validating why. 

There’s no need to feel vulnerable, only being able to perceive the way of life we’ve been shown, constantly suffocating our potential unconsciously. We’ve become our own greatest bottle neck, caring more about what’s out there instead of bringing what’s inside of us to the world.

Diagram illustrating the progression from beliefs to values to meaning to perception to decision to action to result, represented by interconnected arrows.

It’s not what any of us where intended for, yet nearly everyone’s doing it.

We can argue with questions like; what where we intended for? Is there a purpose for humanity? And we can’t say anything for sure. But we will always live out of our reasoning. Imagine a world where we all could reason our way to express our purpose, bringing out our own innate gifts. Sharing and valuing from them instead of telling ourselves to conform to the old way of life.

Nearly all of humanity is living through the consciousness that holds them limited. Never able to think of other possibilities or become aware of new opportunities. Living a life of “it is what it is”, although aren’t we the ones who define what “it” is? We mightn’t have created the definition, but we sure live by it. 

Belief is the first cause of change, yet we’re so anchored to our past that we continue to drift from the same stream. You might have tried practises like changing your subconscious and that’s great. However, if what you perceive in consciousness originates from the subconscious, how will you alter your experience from the same source?

You’d get pretty disappointed after all that effort, ending up under the same old conditions. Falling all the way back down, agreeing to your past anchored beliefs even more. Of course we’ve collectively lost hope when the desired experience never appears! You don’t filter dirty water from the same filter that produced the dirty water, right?

It’s like taking one step forward, then two steps back. All our past influences caused our beliefs and results, and now they cause the definition of how we process our influences. The only gap between you and your desire is your inability to perceive what’s necassary to do what must be done. It might be hard to admit that you’re the cause of your misfortune, but not until you accept it, will you be able to change. 

Diagram showing interconnected elements: speaking, hearing, affirmation vision, emotions to environment, and beliefs, leading to results.

We don’t believe that it’s as easy as it can be because we think that we must struggle or work harder. And those who believe that will only ever know that way, struggling through the lies they’ve experienced and will continue to experience. Alan Watts once said that “there is no way of controlling what you’re experiencing, because what you’re experiencing is you.

He’s right, but WHO are you? If we’re just a projection of our agreements and influences then why not change what we believe and see things to be. Though this can’t be fabricated, for your truth will be found in consciousness. When you strip yourself of all agreements, there can only be one truth left. For me that was that I am. And what I am, I find in consciousness.

Either we play human nature or it plays us.

However I was not what I thought myself to be, I was just the glue holding myself to “what was”. An illusion I’d been living all my life. One that we don’t need to live anymore. Within the realm of pure self everything can be found, the ego can dissolve and your true life’s purpose and gifts can emerge. The longer you play the game of “you”, the more you’ll suffocating yourself and the less time you get to actually enjoy life. 

We can’t  forget that behind every face is a story, a struggle, and a human experience worth acknowledging. We must care more for each other, our planet and less about ourself. We will all disappear one day, what matters is in our hands. It’s time we consciously create our future so that those yet to come can actually have one.

To those of us who dare step beyond the known, to shed ourselves of the past conditioned self and tap into a life of greater meaning. Right now there is some less capable than you, who can think and act on greater thoughts than you can find within yourself. You’re doing this world a disservice by not pulling the plug and opening yourself to a state of survival that validates your way towards a greater life.

The life you’re meant for, is around the corner. If you can’t peak your head around the corner you’ll stay on the path not true to your true self until your times over. Definitely not what you’re intended for. This isn’t just your life, it’s our future and we must Change The Global Paradigm. I believe in you, but why would you believe me if you can’t even believe yourself.

  • What where we intended for? 
  • Is there a purpose for humanity?
  • What is being human for you?

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